Caring for our Carriers

Today, there is no shortage of challenges for carriers. As demand outstrips supply, and market changes exact seismic shifts in the North American freight network, inevitably carriers are asked to do more for less. Combine that with increased regulations and restrictions, and it’s no wonder there is a noticeable deficit of trucks on the road.

That’s why, at Jones, we care for our carriers as if they are family, because they are.

We have inverted the normal organizational pyramid; every carrier and driver is treated with the same respect as an executive. Each decision we make filters through the lens of analyzing the needs of drivers, carriers, and customers, every step of the way.




In an industry where customer service is frequently traded for profits, Jones has never wavered from our cornerstone of friendly customer service from people who genuinely care.

That’s why we are always in contact with our carriers, not just calling them, checking their location, or posting loads out, but also making long-lasting relationships that are built on confidence and consistency. Our drivers aren’t just part of our team, they are a primary reason why our family is successful.

We make it easy for carriers to get loads, and get unloaded, too. And we’ll get you reloaded, so you’re working on both ends of the trip. Always running and maximizing your dollars per mile.



Real-time updates, nationwide opportunities.

We don’t add a lot of extra work, and we’re in a lot of places a lot of trucks aren’t.


Be Our Carrier

Become one of our approved partner carriers.

We would love for you to become a part of the Jones success.



Speed of compensation.

We pay well, and we pay fast, with Quick Pay.