Great People Deliver Great Results

Our team’s passion, industry knowledge, and appetite for innovation drive success for our customers.

Everyone on our team — from our managers to our forklift drivers — has a passion for finding new answers to common logistics challenges.

The result is an unparalleled commitment to quality that permeates everything we do. And it starts on each employee’s day one.

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Ken Eggen_normal JONCO-0082_LOG_Headshot Template_Active_v1-1
Ken Eggen

EVP of Operations

Johnson_Normal Johnson_Active
Jay Johnson

Chief Financial Officer

Doug George, Normal Doug George, Active
Doug George

President of Brokerage

Clint Heathcock_normal clint-heathcock
Clint Heathcock

EVP of Sales

Katie-Townsend_Color Katie Townsend_VP_JoLo_funny 3
Katie Townsend

VP of Customer & Employee Experience

Tim-Blackwell_Color Tim-Blackwell_Red
Tim Blackwell

VP of Technology

Mark Mettleman, Normal Mark Mettleman, Active
Mark Mettelmann

VP of Sales

Tim Ohara_normal Tim Ohara_red
Tim O'Hara

VP of Sales

Dittmer_Derek_Normal Dittmer_Derek_Active
Derek Dittmer

Director of Regional Sales

Blakeney_John_Normal RED_blakeneyjohn_5556x5556
John Blakeney

Director of Regional Sales

JOLO_Headshot_Normal_RobertGwin-1 JoLo_Headshot_Active_RobertGwin
Robert Gwin

Director of Regional Sales

Estes_Doug_Normal Estes_Doug_Active
Doug Estes

Business Development

Caleb Thomas_normal Caleb Thomas_red
Caleb Thomas

Regional Sales Manager

Trina McAlister, Normal Trina McAlister, Active
Trina McAlister

Strategic Sales Manager

Austin Herrington_Senior Sales Manager_JoLo Austin Herrington_Senior Sales Manager_JoLo_funny pic
Austin Herrington

Senior Sales Manager

Betsy Anderson_normal Betsy Anderson_red
Betsy Anderson

Strategic Sales Specialist

Cameron Swan_normal Cameron Swan_funny
Cameron Swan

Senior National Account Representative

Will Hicks, Normal Will Hicks, Active
Will Hicks

Senior National Account Representative

Alese James_normal (chosen) Alese James_funny
Alese James

National Account Representative

Nick Deal_VP of Brokerage Operations_Jones Logistics Nick Deal_red
Nick Deal

VP of Brokerage Operations

Bryant Baucum_VP of Brokerage Sales_Jones Logistics Bryant Baucum_VP of Brokerage Operations_Jones Logistics_red
Bryant Baucum

VP of Brokerage Sales

Amy May_normal Amy May_red
Amy May

Director, Enterprise Operations

danny-foster-portrait-1S8A8116 danny-foster-hover-1S8A8122
Danny Foster

Manager, Operations

Kelsey G, Headshot Green_Active
Kelsey Green

Resources Manager

Kevin Callahan, Normal Kevin Callahan, Active
Kevin Callahan

Carrier Sales Manager

Robert, Norma Robert, Active
Robert Valentine

Manager, Operations

Shane, Normal Shane, Active
Shane Williamson

Senior Pricing Manager

Tanner Walters_normal Tanner Walter_red
Tanner Walters

Manager, Operations

Add Mathis_normal Add Mathis_red
Add Mathis

Carrier Sales Team Lead

alayna-croom-portrait-ULM_9204 alayna-croom-hover-ULM_9214
Alayna Croom

Senior Carrier Sales Representative

Amanda Bishop_normal Amanda Bishop_red
Amanda Bishop

Senior Operations Representative

Angela, Normal Angela, Active
Angela Debate

Senior Carrier Sales Representative

Dusty Lawler_Senior Carrier Sales Representative_JoLo Dusty Lawler_Senior Carrier Sales Representative_JoLo_red
Dusty Lawler

Senior Carrier Sales Representative

Erik Vanegas, Normal Erik Vanegas, Active
Erik Vanegas

Senior Carrier Sales Representative

Lane Rutland, Normal Lane Rutland, Active
Lane Rutland

Senior Carrier Sales Representative

Mikayla H_normal Mikayla H_red
Mikayla Hollingsworth

Senior Operations Representative

hat_normal hat_red
Andres Perea

Carrier Sales Representative

Andrew Speights_Business Development Operations Manager_JoLo Andrew Speights_Business Development Operations Representative_JoLo_funny pic
Andrew Speights

Business Development Operations Representative

Angela Vasquez (normal) Angela Vasquez (red)
Angela Vasquez

Support Specialist

Anna Walker_normal Anna Walker_red
Anna Walker

Operations Representative

Austin Franzen_normal-1 Austin Franzen_red
Austin Franzen

Operations Representative

bernard-singletary-portrait-1S8A7727 bernard-singletary-hover-1S8A7720
Bernard Singletary

Operations Representative

Brian Vasquez Brian Vasquez (red)
Brian Vasquez

Support Specialist

Camilo Sarmiento, Normal-1 Camilo Sarmiento, Active-1
Camilo Sarmiento

Carrier Sales Representative

hat_normal hat_red
Cesar Nino

Carrier Sales Representative

Coby Walters_Carrier Sales Representative_JoLo Coby Walters_Carrier Sales Representative_JoLo_funny pic
Coby Walters

Carrier Sales Representative

hat_normal hat_red
Cristian Guerrero

Support Specialist

Daniella Vera (normal) Daniella Vera (red)
Daniela Vera

Support Specialist

Gilberto Sosa_normal Gilberto Sosa_red
Gilberto Sosa

Support Specialist

Hannah, Normal Hannah, Active
Hannah Lockey

Operations Representative

Jimmy Pierce, Normal Jimmy Pierce, Active
Jimmy Pierce

Operations Representative

Jonathan Woods, Normal Jonathan Woods, Active
Jonathan Woods

Operations Representative

josh-guess-portrait-ULM_9167 josh-guess-hover-ULM_9184
Josh Guess

Carrier Sales Representative

Josh Soloman normal_cropped Josh Soloman_red
Josh Solomon

Operations Representative

joy-courtney-portrait-1S8A7764 joy-courtney-hover-1S8A7770
Joy Courtney

Operations Representative

Katherine De Salvo_normal Katherine DeSalvo, Active
Katherine De Salvo

Support Specialist

Laura Molina (normal) Laura Molina (red)
Laura Molina

Carrier Sales Representative

lindsey-farris-portrait-1S8A7631 lindsey-farris-hover-1S8A7651
Lindsey Farris

Carrier Sales Representative

hat_normal hat_red
Luis Lopez

Support Specialist

Porter_Miranda_Normal Porter_Miranda_Active
Miranda Porter

Operations Representative

Payton, Normal Payton, Active
Peyton Morrow

Carrier Sales Representative

Ryan Ball_normal Ryan Ball_red
Ryan Ball

Carrier Sales Representative

Tanner Sparks, Normal Tanner Sparks, Active
Tanner Sparks

Operations Representative

Wesley Bowers_Carrier Sales Representative_JoLo Wesley Bowers_Carrier Sales Representative_JoLo_funny
Wesley Bowers

Carrier Sales Representative

Anuj_Normal Anuj_Active
Anuj Davalbhakta

VP of Strategic Solutions

Shane Moncus, Normal hat_red
Shane Moncus

Senior Director of Dedicated Services

Carrie B_normal Carrie B_red
Carrie Bosanec

Senior Director of Midwest Operations

Angie Seidl, JONCO-0082_LOG_Headshot Template_Normal_v1 Angie Seidl, JONCO-0082_LOG_Headshot Template_Active_v1
Angie Seidl

Senior Operations Manager

Coleman_Kristi_Normal Coleman_Kristie_Active
Kristie Coleman

Senior Operations Manager

Surface_Shawn_Normal Surface_Shawn_Active
Shawn Surface

Senior Operations Manager

Chris Williams, Normal Chris Williams, Active
Chris Williams

Operations Manager

Dennis Zemialkowski_normal Dennis Zemialkowski_red
Dennis Zemialkowski

Essity Operations Manager

Danielle Arcuri_normal-1 Danielle Arcuri_red
Danielle Arcuri

Logistics Manager

hat_normal hat_red
David Kuykendall

Dedicated Account Manager

George, Normal George, Active
George Medrano

Manager of Dispatch Operations

josh-morgan-portrait-1S8A8378 josh-morgan-hover-1S8A8356
Josh Morgan

Senior Dedicated Account Manager

Kyle Austin_normal Kyle Austin_red
Kyle Austin

Operations Systems Manager

hat_normal hat_red
Paul Northrip

Warehouse Manager

hat_normal hat_red
Ruben Gonzales

Manager of International Operations

Scott Jander_normal Scott Jander_red
Scott Jander

Waukesha Yard Manager

Sigmund Knox_normal Sigmund Knox_red
Sigmund Knox

Dedicated Account Manager

hat_normal hat_red
Tamala Flores

Logistics Supervisor

Wyatt Wandersee_normal Wyatt Wandersee_red
Wyatt Wandersee

Yard Operations Manager

Alex Richemond_normal Alex Richemond_red
Alex Richemond

Logistics Specialist

hat_normal hat_red
Alfonso Arce

Warehouse & Yard Supervisor

Alia Scott_normal Alia Scott_red
Alia Scott

Administrative Assistant

Amber Zuba_normal Amber Zuba_red
Amber Zuba

Administrative Assistant

Ashley Jansen_normal Ashley Jansen_red
Ashley Jansen

Logistics Coordinator

hat_normal hat_red
Beatriz Barranca

Customer Service Representative

Brad Anderson_normal Brad Anderson_red
Brad Anderson

Logistics Specialist

hat_normal hat_red
Brendon Henderson

Weekend Supervisor

Brian Miller_normal Brian Miller_red
Brian Miller

Logistics Coordinator

Carissa Zdroik_normal Carissa Zdroik_red
Carrissa Zdroik

Customer Service Representative

hat_normal hat_red
Cecilia Medina

Operations Administrator

hat_normal hat_red
Christopher Steinmetz

Customer Service Representative

Powell_Clarence_Normal Powell_Clarence_Active
Clarence Powell

Material Handler

Cynthia_normal Cynthia_red
Cynthia Garcia

Logistics Specialist

Darren Brewer_normal Darren Brewer_red
Darren Brewer

Logistics Specialist

Devan Bradley_normal Devan Bradley_red
Deven Bradley

Logistics Specialist

hat_normal hat_red
Elle Hutto

Customer Service Representative

hat_normal hat_red
Enrique Sencion

Operations Coordinator

Erin Spell_normal Erin Spell_red
Erin Spell

Logistics Specialist

hat_normal hat_red
Faye Miley


Wallace_Gray_Normal Wallace_Gray_Active
Gray Wallace


Heather Holdiness_normal Heather Holdiness_red
Heather Holdiness

Operations Administrator

Heidi Grossen, JONCO-0082_LOG_Headshot Template_Normal_v1 Heidi Grossen, JONCO-0082_LOG_Headshot Template_Active_v1
Heidi Grossen

Customer Service Representative

Ford_Jade_Normal Ford_Jade_Active
Jade Ford

Customer Service Representative

James Vervoot_normal James Vervoort_red
James Vervoort

Logistics Coordinator

Janet, Normal Janet, Active
Janet Bjork

Customer Service Representative

Jarquez McCarter_normal Jarquez McCarter_red
Jarquez McCarter


Miletti_Jennifer_Normal Miletti_Jennifer_Active
Jennifer Rutlin


Jessica Rasberry_normal Jessica Rasberry
Jessica Rasberry

Logistics Specialist

Joel Gallaspy_normal Joel Gallaspy_red
Joel Gallaspy

Logistics Specialist

hat_normal hat_red
Kate North

Customer Service Representative

Kayla Kodell_normal Kayla Kodel_red
Kayla Kodell


hat_normal hat_red
Kristen Gruenke

Logistics Coordinator

hat_normal hat_red
Lavell Nash

Warehouse Supervisor

Mark Ford_normal Mark Ford_red
Mark Ford

Logistics Specialist

hat_normal hat_red
Michele Tryon


Morgan Kelley_normal Morgan Kelley_red
Morgan Kelley

Customer Service Representative

Noah Kosinski, Normal Noah Kosinski, Active
Noah Kosinski

Yard Auditor

Pamela, Normal Pamela, Active
Pamela Watson

Administrative Assistant

Patrick Bare_normal-1 Patrick Bare_red-1
Patrick Bare

Customer Service Representative

Patrick_normal Patrick_red
Patrick Edwards

Operations Systems Specialist

Ray Lott, Normal Ray Lott, Active
Ray Lott

Logistics Specialist

Taylor White_normal Taylor White_red
Taylor White


Thomas Lorino_normal Thomas Lorino_red
Thomas Lorino


Trimm_Tim_Normal Trimm_Tim_Active
Tim Trimm


Savannah Jordan_normal Savannah Jordan_red
Savannah Jordan

Logistics Specialist

hat_normal hat_red
Shaneka Meyer

Customer Service Representative

hat_normal hat_red
Shanice Mitchell

Rating Coordinator

Steven Burch_normal Steven_red
Steven Burch

Logistics Specialist

hat_normal hat_red
Richard Zeidner

Logistics Coordinator

hat_normal hat_red
Victoria Johnson

Operations Systems Analyst

Wesley Woitowicz_Customer Service Representative_Waukesha_Jones Logistics Wesley Woitowicz_Customer Service Representative_Waukesha_Jones Logistics_red
Wesley Woitowicz

Customer Service Representative

Christy Bounds_normal Christy Bounds_red
Christi Bounds

VP of Accounting

jerry-westbrook-portrait-ULM_9463 jerry-westbrook-hover-ULM_9465
Jerry Westbrook

Director of Analytics

walker-watkins-portrait-ULM_9140 walker-watkins-hover-ULM_9160
Walker Watkins

Controller of Jones Transport

Cheri Wild, Normal Cheri Wild, Active
Cheri Wild

Controller of Jones Logistics

Lefan_Barbara_Normal LeFan_Barbara_Active
Barbara LeFan

Payroll Manager

Rita Kalem

Accounting Ops Supervisor

Amanda Simon_normal-1 Amanda Simon_red-1
Amanda Simon

Billing Specialist

JOLO_Headshot_Normal_KellyBryant JoLo_Headshot_Active_KellyBryant
Kelly Bryant

Billing Specialist

Lowery_Sheri_Normal Lowery_Sheri_Active
Sheri Lowery

Senior Accountant

Stefani Sanford_normal Stefani Sanford_red
Stefani Sanford

Billing Specialist

Felicia Hogan, Normal Felicia Hogan, Active
Felicia Hogan

Payroll Administrator

Jamie Black_Staff Accountant_JoLo Jamie Black_Staff Accountant_JoLo_funny
Jamie Black

Staff Accountant

jennifer-houston-portrait-ULM_9329 jennifer-houston-hover-ULM_9349
Jennifer Houston

Lead Collections Specialist

Kaitlyn McGrew_normal Kaitlyn McGrew_red
Kaitlyn McGrew

Carrier Settlements

Kim Ortega

Lead Accounts Payable Specialist

Kristina Lee_normal Kristina Lee_red
Kristina Lee

Billing Clerk

Lawren Oatis_normal 2 Lawren_red 2
Lawren Oatis

Senior Accountant

Lawrence_Seth_Normal Lawrence_Seth_Active-1
Seth Lawrence

Accounts Payable Clerk

Sonia McKean

Carrier Settlements

Tami-Friend_Color Tami-Friend_Red
Tami Friend


Trish Powell_normal Trish Powell_red
Trish Powell

Collections Clerk

bryan-stewart-portrait-1S8A8309 bryan-stewart-hover-1S8A8322
Bryan Stewart

VP of Compliance and Maintenance

Robert Reiff_normal
Robert Reif

Director of Safety

Caitlin Dillon_normal Dillon_Caitlin_Active
Caitlin Dillon

Senior Maintenance Manager

Lathan Carter, Normal Lathan Carter, Active
Lathan Carter

Field Maintenance Manager

Kristen Scarborough_normal Kristen Scarborough_red
Kristen Scarborough

Safety Admin Manager

Tim Shwabenlander_normal Tim Shwabenlander_red
Tim Schwabenländer

Safety Supervisor

Becky Guthrie_normal Becky Guthrie_red
Becky Guthrie

Safety Processor

Breckston Bounds_normal Breckston Bounds_red
Breckston Bounds

Safety Admin Clerk

Kaitlyn Haynes, Normal Kaitlyn Haynes, Active
Kaitlyn Haynes

Maintenance Clerk

Angela Eiler_normal Angela Eiler_red
Angela Eiler

Maintenance Clerk

Lucas Dixon_normal Lucas Dixon_red
Lucas Dixon

Maintenance Coordinator

JOLO_Headshot_Normal_CharlesHanson JoLo_Headshot_Active_CharlesHanson
Charles Hanson

Director of Enterprise Applications

Peralta_Jules_Normal Peralta_Jules_Active
Jules Peralta

Technology Operations Manager

Angel Gail Lang_normal Angel Gail Lang_red
Angel Gail Lang

Technology Project Manager

Codie Slocum_normal Codie Slocum_red
Codie Slocum

Technology Specialist

Coner Rawlings_normal Coner Rawlings_red
Coner Rawlings

Business Systems Analyst

Mary Breazeale, Normal-1 Mary Breazeale, Active
Mary Breazeale

Technology Specialist II

Mike, Normal Mike, Active
Mike Woelky

Business Systems Analyst

Rhashad, Normal Rhashad, Active
Rhashad West

Business Systems Analyst

Emily Voss_normal Emily Voss_red
Emily Voss

Director of Employee Experience

Mcleod_Grace_Normal Mcleod_Grace_Active
Grace Mcleod

Recruiting Manager

Lauren, Normal Lauren, Active
Lauren Brescher

Marketing Manager

Chloe Armstrong_normal Chloe Armstrong_red
Chloe Armstrong

Multimedia Marketer

Jailine Dieppa, JONCO-0082_LOG_Headshot Template_Normal_v1 Jailine Dieppa, JONCO-0082_LOG_Headshot Template_Active_v1
Jailine Lopez

Employee Experience Liaison

Kamron Mitchell_normal Kamron Mitchell_red
Kamron Beasley

Office Manager

Kelsey Barnes_normal Kelsey Barnes_red 3
Kelsey Barnes

Employee Development Manager

Maddi, Normal-1 Maddi, Active-1
Maddi Jolley

Marketing Specialist

Rochelle, Normal Rochelle, Active
Rochelle Johnson

Benefits Specialist

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