Great People Deliver Great Results

Our team’s passion, industry knowledge, and appetite for innovation drive success for our customers.

Everyone on our team — from our managers to our forklift drivers — has a passion for finding new answers to common logistics challenges.

The result is an unparalleled commitment to quality that permeates everything we do. And it starts on each employee’s day one.

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Doug George, Normal
Doug George

Chief Executive Officer

Jay Johnson

Chief Financial Officer

Tim Blackwell

VP of Technology

Stuart Evans_edited
Stuart Evans

Senior VP of Dedicated Operations

Steve Wade_Jones Logistics
Steve Wade

Senior VP of Warehousing

Clay Pelot_VP Sales and Marketing_Jones Logistics
Clay Pelot

Senior VP of Sales & Marketing

Jennifer Meyer_Senior VP of Finance_Jones Logistics
Jennifer Meyer

Senior VP of Finance

Bobby Holcomb_Director of Regional Sales_Jones Logistics
Bobby Holcomb

VP of Sales

Mark Mettleman, Normal
Mark Mettelmann

VP of Sales

John Blakeney

Director of Regional Sales

Patrick Sutton_normal-4
Patrick Sutton

Director of Regional Sales

Robert Gwin

Director of Regional Sales

Trina McAlister, Normal
Trina McAlister

Strategic Sales Manager

Bryant Baucum_VP of Brokerage Sales_Jones Logistics
Bryant Baucum

VP of Sales

Austin Herrington_Senior Sales Manager_JoLo
Austin Herrington

Senior Sales Manager

Jordan Coursey_Senior Sales Manager_JoLo
Jordan Coursey

Senior Sales Manager

Cameron Swan_normal
Cameron Swan

Senior National Account Representative

Will Hicks, Normal
Will Hicks

Senior National Account Representative

Alese James_normal (chosen)
Alese James

National Account Representative

Ashlyn Hartsoe_Sales Rep_Jones Logistics
Ashlyn Hartsoe

National Account Representative

Atlee Hamm_National Account Rep_JoLo
Atlee Hamm

National Account Representative

Blair Viator_National Account Rep_JoLo
Blair Viator

National Account Representative

Brent Gilbert_National Account Rep_Jones Logistics
Brent Gilbert

National Account Representative

Brion Monroe_National Account Rep_JoLo-1
Brion Monroe

National Account Representative

Jarred Graves_National Account Rep_JoLo
Jarred Graves

National Account Representative

Jenissa Garcia_National Account Rep_Jones Logistics
Jenissa Garcia

National Account Representative

Jillian Thompson
Jillian Thompson

National Account Representative

Laura Chisolm_National Account Rep_JoLo
Laura Chisolm

National Account Representative

Laura Legget_National Account Rep_JoLo
Laura Leggett

National Account Representative

Lauryl Nguyen_updated headshot_JoLo
Lauryl Nguyen

National Account Representative

Nick Deal_VP of Brokerage Operations_Jones Logistics
Nick Deal

VP of Brokerage Operations

Tim Greene_normal-1
Tim Greene

VP of Intermodal Operations

Amy May_normal
Amy May

Director, Enterprise Operations

Danny Foster

Manager, Specialized Operations

Kelsey G, Headshot
Kelsey Green

Resources Manager

Kevin Callahan, Normal
Kevin Callahan

Carrier Sales Manager

Robert, Norma
Robert Valentine

Manager, Operations

Shane, Normal
Shane Williamson

Senior Pricing Manager

Tanner Walters_normal
Tanner Walters

Manager, Operations

Shane Moncus, Normal
Shane Moncus

Senior Director of Dedicated Services

Carrie B_normal
Carrie Bosanec

Senior Director of Midwest Operations

Kevin Boring_normal
Kevin Boring

Director of Operations

Angie Seidl, JONCO-0082_LOG_Headshot Template_Normal_v1
Angie Seidl

Senior Operations Manager

Kristie Coleman

Senior Operations Manager

Shawn Surface

Senior Operations Manager

Chris Williams, Normal
Chris Williams

Operations Manager

Dennis Zemialkowski_normal
Dennis Zemialkowski

Essity Operations Manager

Danielle Arcuri_normal-1
Danielle Arcuri

Logistics Manager

George, Normal
George Medrano

Manager of Dispatch Operations

Josh Morgan

Senior Dedicated Account Manager

Kyle Austin_normal
Kyle Austin

Operations Systems Manager

Paul Northrip

Warehouse Manager

Ruben Gonzales

Manager of International Operations

Scott Jander_normal
Scott Jander

Waukesha Yard Manager

Wyatt Wandersee_normal
Wyatt Wandersee

Yard Operations Manager

Kevin Cochrane_normal
Kevin Cochrane

Director of Finance

Walker Watkins


Barbara LeFan

Payroll Manager

Mark Russell_VP of Warehousing_Jones Logistics
Mark Russell

VP of Maintenance

Tim Edelstein_normal
Tim Edelstein

VP of Safety

Robert Reiff_normal-1
Robert Reif

Director of Safety

Lathan Carter, Normal
Lathan Carter

Field Maintenance Manager

Lucas Dixon_normal
Lucas Dixon

Corporate Maintenance Manager

Kent Smith_normal
Kent Smith

Safety Manager

Kristen Scarborough_normal
Kristen Scarborough

Safety Admin Manager

Rodney Rodgers_normal
Rodney Rogers

Warehouse Director

Steve Owen_Shelbyville Region Manager_JoLo
Steve Owen

Shelbyville Region Manager

Greg Brown

Warehouse Manager

Carlo Germana

Warehouse Manager

Bobby Carroll

Warehouse Manager

Charles Hanson

Director of Enterprise Applications

Jules Peralta

Technology Operations Manager

Jerry Westbrook

Director of Analytics

Emily Voss
Emily Voss

Director of Human Resources

Grace Mcleod
Grace Mcleod

Recruiting Manager

Lauren, Normal
Lauren Brescher

Marketing Manager

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