Transload Services

No more container fees or shipping empty containers.

Overview of our Chicago facilities:

  • Strategically located near major rail ramps
  • 75-dock terminal on nine acres in Lyons, IL
  • Container transloading and drayage


Reduce freight time and risks for delays, while cutting out demurrage and detention costs for intermodal containers.

Does this sound familiar? One client used to pay for truck transport of their goods in an intermodal container to another city to be unloaded, and then pay again to have the empty container transported back to Chicago. All while paying fees for the container itself once the free days were used up. In one year, the fees added up to over $1 million.

Now, with our transloading services, the freight is offloaded from the container at our facility so the container itself can be returned before any charges are incurred. To further cut down on costs and speed up delivery, we deliver the freight on our trailers directly to you.

  • Consolidate products and ship directly to your customer, without incurring the costs and delays associated with storing product at a warehouse.

  • Inbound or Outbound via Intermodal containers. We will transload your inbound product onto our trailers, deliver your product and return the containers to the rail yard before fees are incurred. We can also pick up your product and transload onto intermodal containers and bring them directly to the rail yards.

Drayage in the Chicago region

  • Local and regional transport
  • Pick up and deliver to all rail yards in the Chicago area