That means that we don’t offer a suite of services for you to choose from. Instead, we constantly consult with you to find customized answers that truly impact your business’ bottom line.

That partnership requires nurturing a close relationship with shippers to truly understand the unique details of your business to an unusual degree. The result is the ability to help you find challenges others might miss and provide answers you might not expect.

Track Your Shipment
Track Your Shipment

Our quality extends to the level of detail we pay to your business. Technology helps, but we don’t use technology just to use it.

We use it to improve our operations, performance and to ensure the right product, in the right quantity is delivered at the right time. Our status tracking tools give you accurate, simple and detailed visibility into your shipments.

Our Services
Our Services

Each shipment is also backed by a friendly person, with deep knowledge of your business needs, and with creative answers to solve the inevitable challenges along the way.

At Jones, you never have to wonder where your shipment is, or wait to find someone who can help. Because we know your business depends on our answers.

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Our promise of quality extends to our equipment too.

We have one of the most modern fleets in the industry, with a stellar safety record. So you can feel confident that your shipment is being carried by a safe and cost-efficient company who operates under a higher standard. To us, our equipment, and how we operate it, is a reflection of not just our business, but yours too.


Finding quality answers for our shippers means going beyond what’s always been done, to find something new and more efficient. We want to reinvent what you thought was possible from a logistics company.

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