Simplified Supply Chain

Jones Logistics is a trusted managed transportation ally to optimize your freight spend while providing a comprehensive solution of reliable services. We work with your existing vendors, providers, and experts, and help find every possible dollar of freight savings. And because of our size and expertise, we can negotiate the best rates and seamless service. From beginning to end, we provide transparency and advanced reporting, so you always know what to expect.

What You Can Expect

First, we audit your existing freight spend to uncover savings and apply our vast freight network and expertise to your supply chain process. Next, we take on the management and billing, while providing complete transparency and advanced reporting capabilities. Additional steps we take to streamline your supply chain include:

  • the application of leading transportation management software
  • providing access to a robust carrier network
  • implementing custom-engineered solutions to improve inventory, carrier performance, and supply chain viability

Through adaptability, creativity, transparency, dedication, and teamwork, Jones Logistics managed transportation services can create your new competitive advantage.

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