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We have no shortage of JoLo family members who give their all any time they enter the office, but it isn’t every day we see our partners go out of their way to email and inform leadership of how awesome our people are. This is one of many reasons we are proud to announce that Mikayla Hollingsworth has been awarded the title of JoLo BOLO for the first quarter of 2023!

JoLo BOLO (Be on the Lookout) is a quarterly employee, nomination-based recognition program. Employees nominate their peers for exemplifying our company's core values: integrity, passion, unity, sustainability, and humility. A committee of employees from various sectors of JoLo then votes on a winner.

Mikayla has been working as an Operations Representative on our Business Development team for nearly a year and is based out of our Hattiesburg, MS location. A gentle spirit with a heart of gold, Mikayla has been affectionately coined the “cool kid at school that includes everyone.” In addition to her all-encompassing nature, Mikayla is also recognized for the passion she brings to her job.

"Mikayla gives it her all every day to give her customers the best possible service,” commented one of her co-workers. “This passion for her job is contagious and has spread across her entire team. We are lucky to have Mikayla as a part of JoLo!”

Not only has Mikayla received a great deal of positive feedback from her co-workers, but she also abundantly praised by people outside of JoLo:

"I have been working in dispatch for over 4 years and have never come across a dispatcher like Mikayla... She is quite the gem and she is the reason why Jones has moved to the #1 spot of our most trusted brokers.”

Way to be a team player, Mikayla, and thank you for being One of Jones! Are you passionate about your work? Are you looking for a change of pace? Consider applying for a job at Jones Logistics! We are always looking for A-players like Mikayla who are dedicated to getting the job done. To learn more about how you can become “One of Jones,” click here to visit our career page.