relgRi-oWe are proud to announce that Owen Budd, one of our drivers based out of our division in Waukesha, WI, has been awarded the JoLo BOLO award for the second quarter of 2022! Owen is being recognized not only for his passion, but also for his dedication and service to Jones Logistics (JoLo). Owen has been with JoLo for four years, and ever since he started his journey with us, he has always put his all into everything that he does.

JoLo BOLO (Be on the Lookout) is a quarterly employee, nomination-based recognition program. Employees nominate their peers for exemplifying our company core values: integrity, passion, unity, sustainability, and humility. A committee of employees from various sectors of JoLo then votes on a winner. 

"I’m very passionate about my job and I’m dedicated. If I say I’m going to give 110%, I’m going to give 150%. I just love the way Jones treats people,” commented Owen whenever he was asked about his job and working with JoLo. “I love to drive; Just being out there and being my own boss, because Jones trusts you, is really nice.” 

In addition to his passion and dedication, Owen is also being recognized for his bravery during a tragic accident. While on his normal route, Owen witnessed a car crashing into the back of a semi-truck on the other side of the road. The car immediately caught on fire. Owen didn’t hesitate to turn around, pull over, and lend a helping hand. He, along with another driver, grabbed their fire extinguishers from their cabs and put out the fire. They saved the lives of two individuals who were in the vehicle. 

“This shows what great people we have on our team,” commented Brian Haynes, CEO of JoLo. “It just makes me happy to see people like Owen really living out our core values by showing courage on the highway and being good stewards. I couldn’t be prouder of Owen.” 

Way to be a team player, Owen, and thank you for being One of Jones! Are you passionate about your work? Are you looking for a change of pace? Consider applying for a job at Jones Logistics! We are always looking for A-players like Owen who are dedicated to getting the job done. To learn more about how you can become “One of Jones,” visit our career page at To learn more about how you can drive for Jones, visit