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At Jones Logistics (JoLo), it’s never a bad time to highlight more than one member of our family for living our core values, and this quarter is no exception! With that being said, it is our pleasure to name Ernest Wilson, Paul White, and Bernard Singletary as our JoLo BOLO award winners for the third quarter of 2023. 

JoLo BOLO (Be on the Lookout) is a quarterly employee, nomination-based recognition program. Employees nominate their peers for exemplifying our company core values: integrity, passion, unity, sustainability, and humility. A committee of employees from various sectors of JoLo then votes on the winners. 

Ernest Wilson is a dedicated account manager and CDL logging driver based out of Ruston, LA. Ernest has previously told us that he focuses on “driving success one load at a time,” and everyone who works closely with him can attest to that! Although he has been employed with JoLo for less than one year, he’s already making a huge impact with his contagious positivity, kindness, passion for his job, and passion for educating others.  

When asked to make a comment about Ernest and why he deserves to win the JoLo BOLO award, one of his co-workers said, “I have worked with Ernest for years...He embodies our core values and encourages everyone that he meets. He has always been a team player and is passionate about his family, work, and community. I am so happy to have him on the Jones Team!” 

 Our second JoLo BOLO award winner is Paul White. Paul is also a dedicated CDL driver of whom we are very grateful to have on our team. This month, Paul celebrates his two-year anniversary working with the JoLo family, and is based out of Savannah, GA. Paul is being recognized for embodying humility and passion. Like Ernest, Paul has a lot of passion for his job, and it seems clear to those around him that Paul exhibits a humble spirit by looking out for his team on a regular basis. 

 “Paul will go out of his way to do anything that is needed,” commented one of his coworkers. “He’s always going above and beyond to put the team’s needs first and helping to ensure everyone is set up for success.” 

We stand by the fact that our truck drivers are the lifeblood of our company. Our final JoLo BOLO winner may not be a truck driver, but his example is one we hope to see all our JoLo family members follow. Bernard Singletary hails over twenty years of service under the Jones Capital umbrella! Throughout his vast tenure, Bernard has worn many hats and embodied all our core values, however, today he is recognized for representing sustainability. 

 “Bernard lives and breathes all of our core values, but I landed on nominating him for sustainability being he has been a staple in the Jones Companies for more than twenty years,” said Nick Deal, our VP of Brokerage Operations at JoLo. Nick went on to tell us his favorite thing about Bernard: “It’s his investment in the success of those around him. Every time I talk to Bernard, he ends the conversation by letting me know he is proud of me. I owe a lot of my success at Jones to him. He invested in me and has always been willing to teach me in any situation.” 

At JoLo, we are honored to have employees like Bernard, Paul, and Ernest who are passionate about what they do and take initiative. However, we are especially grateful to have employees who are so committed to the success of others- each of these individuals have that going for them in full force.  

 Way to go, team, and thank you for being One of Jones! Are you passionate about your work? Are you looking for a change of pace? Consider applying for a job at Jones Logistics! We are always looking for A-players like our JoLo BOLO winners! If you are interested in becoming a JoLo driver like Ernest and Paul, click here for more information. If you prefer to apply for a non-driving career, click here to visit our general career page.