"Forward With Kriete" is a video segment that was launched by Kreite Truck Center. This segment highlights trucking companies in the United States that actively partner with Kriete to source ongoing mechanical and technical support for their dedicated truck fleets. Jones Logistics (JoLo) is proud to partner with Kriete Truck Centers for on-site dedicated service. This partnership enables us to keep our Mack trucks rolling. JoLo was featured in season two, episode two of this segment. Keep scrolling to read the full story!

Jones Logistics Leverages The Mack Dealer Network

For logistics companies, you could say figuring out the “how” is what they do best. Jones Logistics has excelled in this since 1999. Headquartered in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, they focus on delivering freight, managing transportation and dedicated services to customers across the United States. The company has over 700 employees across 25 states with expertise evolving beyond general transportation and is expanding at a rapid pace.

When Jones secured a new manufacturing customer in Wisconsin, they required a new connection—a partner to help maintain and service their trucks operating more than 1000 miles away. Jones talked to their local Mack dealer in Mississippi from whom they purchase trucks, Tri-State Truck Center.

Leveraging the power of Mack’s coast-to-coast network, Tri-State put Jones in touch with Kriete Truck Centers, a fellow Mack Trucks dealer with ten locations throughout the state of Wisconsin.

Tri State Truck Center + Mack + Kriete Truck Centers logos“The Kriete, Tri-State, Jones, and Mack relationship is truly a wonderful example of how the dealer network is supposed to work,” explains David Kriete, President and Owner of Kriete Truck Centers. David continues, “Our entire interest is ensuring that the customer is up, that they're serviced, and that their experience from start to finish is absolutely first class.”

Bryan Stewart, Vice President of Maintenance for Jones Logistics, provided a list of requirements needed to meet Jones' goals to service managers at Kriete Truck Centers. What started as a ten-truck operation eventually became twenty, then forty, and eventually more than fifty trucks running in and around Wisconsin.

Two square images pictured: One image with a J centered in the middle of an ellipses shape as a wall decal. The second image is of a Jones Logistics dedicated truck in front of the Waukesha, Wisconsin warehouse.


Servicing and maintaining trucks, whether owned, leased, or rented, can be burdensome for any logistics company and requires an additional level of administrative overhead. Each truck in the fleet has its own required service intervals, depending on usage and engine hours. This impacts scheduled maintenance and necessitates additional management to prevent breakdowns and keep trucks at peak performance.

“It's a lot of work for our maintenance team, but I think it's an even bigger job for the Kriete team. I couldn't give them enough credit for the amount of work they do for us,” says Lathan Carter, Field Maintenance at Jones Logistics.

To provide a seamless experience, Kriete Truck Centers provided contract maintenance for Jones’ expanding fleet. This allowed Jones to budget the total monthly costs and streamline management for servicing the trucks, managing the preventative maintenance schedules, and coordinating with the dealership for service. Taking that one step further, Kriete Truck Centers provided a dedicated OEM-trained technician to maintain and service the vehicles at the Jones facility.

Francisco Nunez stands smiling with his hand on his waist next to a Jones Logistics Dedicated truck.

“I'm dedicated just to Jones Logistics, which is good for me because I get to know the drivers, the customer, and they get to know me,” says Francisco Nunez, the dedicated on-site technician employed by Kriete Truck Centers.

Along with knowing the drivers and the customer, he is also familiar with the trucks and their service requirements.

“We did something that we'd never done in the past and actually opened up a dedicated maintenance facility on their site,” says Kriete. This move, a first for both companies, streamlined the truck servicing process and increased driver efficiencies for operation.


The Mack Trucks Dealers Network consists of over 500-plus locations across the United States and Canada, with the singular goal of working together to provide total solutions for Mack Trucks customers.

“We're able to get the full package deal from Kriete,” Bryan continues. “That relationship has really grown and continues to grow because it has truly become a partnership, working hand-in-hand.”

A map that pinpoints the Mack Dealer Network.

With tailored solutions and strong relationships in the Mack Trucks Dealer Network, customers like Jones Logistics enjoy a seamless experience from any dealership as they grow and expand.

“It's really well beyond just our own dealer operation,” Kriete explains. “It goes to the next dealership group and the next dealership group, and the next dealership group. Coast to coast. We are only as good as our neighbors, and our neighbors are only as good as we are.”

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About Jones Logistics

For over 24 years, Jones Logistics (JoLo) has been focused on delivering customized freight solutions including dedicated servicesfreight brokerage and distribution to clients across the United States. The expertise of JoLo extends beyond general transportation to include specialized services such as a private fleet, yard, management, warehousing, and white-glove solutions. Our experience with specialized equipment, such as trailers for scrap material, forest productsover-dimensional, building products, and other industry-specific requirements, enables us to provide the most cost-effective solution for any transportation requirement.

About Kriete Truck Center

Founded in 1951, Kriete Truck Center is a 3rd generation family-owned truck dealership organization that offers an all-encompassing suite of truck services, from financing and full-service lease programs to renting, selling, servicing, and parts. They also offer a variety of trailer, body, and loader options from brands including Barko, Cross Country, Great Lakes, Kesla, Palfinger, and Serco. Kriete Truck Centers prides itself on bringing the best Mack, Volvo, Hino, and Autocar truck dealership experience possible.