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Jones Logistics (JoLo), a transportation company based in Hattiesburg, MS and portfolio company of Jones Capital, is proud to welcome highly competitive and results-driven Senior Executive, John Kacherski, as its Chief Operations Officer (COO). 

John joins the JoLo team from his most recent position as Executive Vice President of Last Mile at Fidelitone where he spent the last 10 years running the national Last Mile delivery division. This division operates in 18 states, 29 U.S.-based facilities, and has 750 employees. John has held other leadership roles specializing in Final Mile, Dedicated Contracts, and Commercial ops with J.B. Hunt.  

“Right now, we are working on realigning departments to streamline processes and improve collaboration,” commented Doug George, CEO of JoLo. “John will play a significant role in seeing this alignment through to create a better experience for our customers and employees.” 

John brings over 26 years of experience specializing in Final Mile Services, Dedicated Contract Services, and Commercial Operations. His diverse experience paired with his passion for the logistics and transportation industry made him a clear choice for the position of COO. 

"I’m very excited about joining the JoLo team,” commented John. “There are so many great opportunities for growth and development at this company, and I can’t wait to play a role in bringing those opportunities to life.” 

John will oversee the Sales, Operations, and Marketing divisions at JoLo. 

Jones Logistics currently employs over 700 people and has offices in Waukesha, WI, Lyons, IL, Shelbyville, TN, Columbus, MS, and corporate headquarters in Hattiesburg, MS. The company has seen a tremendous amount of growth over the past few years, and continues to look for opportunities to diversify and deepen its customer base, including through additional asset-based and 3PL acquisition opportunities. 

About Jones Logistics 

For over 25 years, Jones Logistics has been focused on delivering freight brokerage, managed transportation, and dedicated services to clients across the United States. The expertise of Jones Logistics has evolved beyond general transportation to include more specialized services such as pipe logistics, brokerage capabilities, flatbed, heavy haul, transportation of forestry by-products, and the recently added dedicated services division. Regardless of industry, the team at Jones Logistics locates the right resources for any transportation or logistics requirement. 


About Jones Capital 

Jones Capital (Jones) is a family-owned private capital provider focused primarily on investing in middle-market companies in the transportation and logistics, industrial, and business services markets. Headquartered in Hattiesburg, MS, with offices in Houston, TX, Jones Capital traces its heritage over seven decades to the incorporation of Jones Lumber Company in 1949. Today, Jones’ portfolio includes investments in the transportation and logistics, recycling, energy infrastructure, technology, real estate, and timber industries. Jones Capital is actively seeking new investment opportunities. To learn who we are, visit click here.