Jones Logistics - Making Major Moves

When our Dedicated clients need to move an unconventional product, they count on Jones Logistics to deliver.


2 DAYS | 700 MILES | 2 DRIVERS | 4 POLE CARS | 80,000 LBS.

Moving an 80,000 lb generator from New Berlin, Wisconsin to Huntsville, Alabama, is no simple feat, and our team did what they do best – they provided solutions. This special product needed to be transported to Blue Origin, a rocket engine production facility built to fulfill Amazon’s space venture operations. This generator serves two main roles – 1) to serve as backup power and 2) to provide peak-hour power generation. The generator kicks on during peak power hours to help save costs. A product like this is difficult to weigh, so after this project was placed in the hands of our team, we discovered another challenge. The original weight estimates of the product were off by 20,000 lbs.



Our enterprise operations team and robust carrier base adapted quickly to overcome the weight discrepancy without impacting the delivery timeline. The project was completed through the collaboration of 2 drivers, 4 pole cars, a route survey team, and the enterprise operations team. Pole cars check the height of bridges and guide the drivers, and the enterprise team helps coordinate, price, and track the freight. Covering the approximate 700 miles took 2 days and the generator was delivered safely and without error.



We take on your challenges as if they are our own. And we answer them with a thoughtful response from a person, not an algorithm or spreadsheet. Our JoLo team prides itself on solving difficult logistics questions. This is a result of our experience in the unpredictable, high-intensity world of pipeline construction, where flexibility, perseverance, and speed are a premium. At Jones Logistics, we have a unique way of doing business, and our team is reinventing what’s possible in the transportation industry.