Pipes don’t bend themselves, and when our client needed to transport their 130,000 lb pipe bending machine, Jones delivered.


2 DAYS | A 15 MAN TEAM | 498 MILES | 130,000 LBS.

It takes quite the machine to be able to bend a 48" diameter pipe. This particular piece of equipment requires two large pipelayers, an excavator and very skilled drivers to work in unison to operate. Our team was asked to move this 130,000 lb product 498 miles from Tulsa, OK to Blanco, TX. The Jones team assembled and devised a plan of action for a safe and timely delivery. And if navigating the journey wasn’t challenging enough, loading and unloading a product like this can also require creative and adaptive solutions.



A 12 axel removable goose neck spread the weight of the load as to not damage and traversed roadways during the two-day journey. A team of 15 people was utilized to guide, drive, load and unload the equipment. And once the work of the machine was complete, Jones delivered it back home to Tulsa, OK.



We take on your challenges as if they are our own. And we answer them with a thoughtful response from a person, not an algorithm or spreadsheet. Our Jones family prides itself on solving difficult logistics questions. It’s a result of our experience in the unpredictable, high-intensity world of pipeline construction, where flexibility, perseverance and speed are a premium. At Jones Logistics, we have a unique way of doing business. And our family is reinventing what’s possible in the transportation industry.