In honor of Women's History Month, Jones Logistics (JoLo) has featured four women who are making a major impact within our company: Mary Breazeale (Senior Technology Specialist), Hannah Lockey (Operations Representative), Jennifer Meyer (Senior VP of Finance), and Amanda Ross (Jones Logistics CDL Driver).  

Each of these women plays a different role in terms of what they accomplish on an average day in the life at JoLo. Nonetheless, they all stand united as living testaments to what is possible in the workforce for women everywhere. 

Mary Breazeale was hired in 2021 as a Technology Specialist. Since then, she has been promoted, received several certifications, and has also been recognized as our JoLo BOLO of the Year for 2022. Mary is passionate about providing technological solutions and improving the lives of those around her. When faced with a challenge, she sees this as a learning opportunity. Mary also provides a lot of insight about bringing as much diversity as possible into trucking and transportation. 

“Logistics, just like technology, has been a male-dominated industry...this industry is [also] ever-evolving, things are constantly changing, and the more backgrounds and perspectives we can bring the better. We need more eyes on the situation and different diverse thought processes. That helps an organization become great and stay great.” 

Like Mary, Hannah Lockey was hired in 2021 as a member of our Enterprise Operations team. She has been recognized as our JoLo BOLO for Q4 of 2023 and JoLo BOLO of the Year for 2023. Hannah is fueled by her passion for building relationships, attending to the needs of her customers, and supporting her team. No matter who she is speaking with, she always provides thoughtful responses to even the most complex questions. 

"I really like getting to know customers and their preferences. No two people are the same and no two deliveries are the same,” she says in her interview. “It’s been really interesting to communicate and figure out what people need, and to be able to learn how to anticipate what people need.”  

Similarly, Jennifer Meyer is also dedicated to working with her team on a united front. She has also been recently promoted to Senior VP of Finance. Jennifer’s philosophy is that, unlike what some may believe, accounting is not scorekeeping. Accounting is about partnering with your company. Finance can be tricky, but true to her beliefs, Jennifer is passionate about establishing standard operating procedures that everyone can understand and benefit from.  

When asked about her experience in transportation, Jennifer says that “I have found an affinity for this industry. I think that we perform a critical role in our society. The days that our drivers are out there delivering things that people need- somebody has to do it...and I like being able to support that.” 

One of those drivers that Jennifer talks about is Amanda Ross. Amanda started hauling for JoLo in 2022. Although she didn’t originally intend to pursue a career in commercial truck driving, it makes her proud to work in a male-dominated field. She is also proud of her children; she may drive the truck, but her children are what drive her to be her best self. Amanda also cares deeply about inspiring other women to drive. In fact, she has played a role in helping train new drivers at JoLo so that she can do just that. 

“I enjoy doing the training to help other shows them safety and the dangerous things that they need to be on the lookout for, and it shows them they can do just as much as the men can do.” 

At JoLo, we are proud to celebrate our people. Without such a great team of industry experts, it wouldn’t be possible for us to do what we do.